Northwood Street Maintenance

Northwood Street Maintenance Warm Storage Facility, Anchorage, 1999-2000

We include this project as one example of another type of team we have built many times in the past. One of our many industrial design-build projects, this is a 58,500 sq. ft. single-story pre-engineered steel frame garage for Municipal street maintenance equipment.

The structure consists of concrete slab on grade, concrete grade beams and pile caps, and driven steel pipe pilings. Mechanical systems include gas-fired make-up air, interlocked exhaust fans, gas-fired radiant tube heaters, and a floor trench drain system connected to an oil-water separator. Electrical systems include a 400-amp 480V 3Ph service and metal halide lighting.

The project is located on the site of the old Northwood Street Landfill, closed in 1974. The foundation design includes ADEC review for landfill closure and prevention of leachate infiltration to underlying aquifers, as well as collection, dispersal, alarm and exhaust of landfill gases beneath the building. Our design-build team includes ECI-Hyer as architect and Enterprise Engineering as civil and structural engineers.