Oil & Gas Office Interior Remodel

Oil & Gas Office, Interior Remodel, Anchorage 2014

The 6th Floor Corporate Tenant Improvement project is a 17,000 SF tenant improvement for a Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Company, located in Anchorage, Alaska.  The tenant improvement space is located within the Alaska corporate office building and was a full remodel.  Completely re-configuring the space allowed the design team to optimize several programmatic requirements, while providing a comfortable, 21st century working environment that will attract and retain top talent.

The private office sizes needed to shrink in order to accommodate the density requirements, and teaming spaces were needed to accommodate frequent meetings; ideally, everyone would have the same access to natural light and views to the exterior. Our solution was to provide multiple Integrated Audio/Visual Collaboration areas that are capable of handling the most demanding software and hardware systems, and offices are with glass walls/doors.  Several huddle/seating areas are located throughout the floor which allows opportunity for impromptu meetings or a flexible work environment for staff. This new approach allows the traditional office sizes to shrink, natural light to penetrate deeper into the space, encourages collaborative team interactions, casual exchange and seamless collaboration with those in remote locations.

The main programming requirement for this project was to provide state of the art collaborative areas for the users as well as adequate map hanging area for the geotechnical engineers.

The space also incorporates DIRTT Environmental Solutions wall systems with integrated technology walls, write-able, magnetic surfaces and fully glazed office fronts with sliding barn doors, maximizing natural light while providing the users with enough wall space for large format working materials.  A large break area on the exterior with a variety of seating style options provides a relaxing place to not only take a break but have an impromptu meeting. Additional valued elements of the design include Cambridge white noise system which is used throughout the floor for added noise control as well as fully ergonomic Steelcase Company furnishings throughout.