Bean's Cafe + Children's Lunchbox

Bean's Cafe + The Children's Lunchbox, Anchorage 2016

This is a two story 8,600 sq. ft. renovation of an existing building built in 1961, located in downtown Anchorage.

We were asked to participate as a design assist team member throughout the final design-development, cost-development stages and construction phase.  The team consists of Cook Inlet Housing, KPB Architects, Reid Middleton, RSA Engineers, Inc., Commercial Kitchen Solutions, and Gastaldi Land Surveying.

We began the work in May 2016 and was completed in October 2016. The project included a new North Exterior wall to structurally upgrade the building to current standards, state-of-the-art Commercial Kitchen, modern Office spaces, exterior decorative metal panels, wheel chair lift and updating to current ADA standards, and energy efficient mechanical and electric systems.

Other major contributors to this project include: Alaska Concrete Sawing, B.C. Excavating, LLC, Straightline, E/P Roofing, Summit Window & Door, Alaska Interior Specialties, Commercial Contractors, Northwind Painting, Yukon Fire Protection, General Mechanical, Mechanical Construction & Consulting, Vannoy Electric, Allied Steel, Alaska Stairlift and Elevator, Ron Webb Paving, Northwest Landscape.