Light Industrial

Western Peterbilt New Shop TI

Western Peterbilt New Shop Tenant Improvement

We began site work October 2017, with a final completion February 2018.

This was an existing RV sales and services building that was modified to a heavy truck sales and service facility for Western Peterbilt. This is a design-build construction with approximately 1,800 sf of existing 1st floor office / sales space that was converted into two truck service bays; and an additional 1,680 sf drive-through wash bay addition to the West end of the building. A portion of the existing 2nd floor will be removed, which will reduce the 2nd floor by 3,050 sf.

Western Peterbilt in Anchorage, Alaska has a full-service store, parts department, service department, a leasing department, and a sales department.

Major team mates include: Gordon Thompson Architect, Big City Engineers, T3 Alaska, Slayden Plumbing and Heating, Safe-T-Way Electric and Whalen Construction.

Creative Lighting & Sound Warehouse

We began site-work in July 2017 and completed February 2017.

This was brand new construction and consisted of a two-tenant building for Creative Lighting and Sound.  The building was a total of 12,500 sq. ft. warehouse, a 3,750 sq. ft. storage mezzanine and an office within each tenant space. 

Creative Lighting and Sound is a company that specializes in producing and supplying equipment for large events that require specialty sound systems. 

Other major team mates include: 61 North Architects, Anderson Engineering, Oien Associates, B.C. Excavating, Safe-T-Way Electric, Slayden Plumbing and Heating, Whalen Construction, and Yukon Fire Protection.

Trail Ridge Air Hangar

Trail Ridge Air Hangar

We began site work June 2017 and was completed earlier than expected in November 2017.

This was a new, design-build 3,375 square foot, one plane hangar located on Lake Hood. This was a pre-engineered metal building by R&M Steel, with insulated panels from All Weather Insulated Panels.

Trail Ridge Air is an Anchorage-based Air Taxi that specializes in charter flights, air taxi, bear viewing, and Alaska flight seeing tours,  

Major team mates include: Gordon Thompson Architect, Big City Engineers, T3 Alaska, Slayden Plumbing and Heating, Safe-T-Way Electric and Whalen Construction.

The Hangar Group - Hangar

The Hangar Group – Hangar, Anchorage, Alaska

We began site work June 2017 and was completed January 2018.

This was a new, 7,150 sq. ft., single story, 29’ high, two-door hangar. This was constructed from a pre-engineered building from R&M steel with insulated metal panels from All Weather Insulated Panels.

Major team mates include: Gordon Thompson Architect, Big City Engineers, T3 Alaska, Slayden Plumbing and Heating, Safe-T-Way Electric and Whalen Construction.

Continental Subaru Service Drive Addition

Continental Subaru Service Drive Addition, Anchorage 2016

This is a one story 6,500 sq ft CMU and structural steel addition to the existing Continental Subaru Dealership building located in Anchorage, Alaska on the Old Seward Highway.

This project was procured in a limited tender low bid method wherein Criterion offered the successful low bid.  Although we were not involved in the design development, we quickly formed a team with the owner, design team, and subcontractors

Architect and engineers include, Gordon Thompson, Architect, Big City Civil Engineering, BBFM Engineers, Inc., RSA Mechanical Engineers, and EIC Electrical Engineers.   

We began site-work in May 2016 and completed the project in September 2016. 

Other team mates include: Seward and Associates Land Surveying, Point Mackenzie Construction, Ron Webb Paving, Inc., Straightline, LLC, Diggins Concrete, ACME Fence Company, Northwest Landscape, Inc., Anchorage Sand & Gravel Co., Inc.,  Alaska Professional Construction, Inc., Sockeye Construction, LLC, Whalen Construction, Inc., Alas-Co General Construction Co., Inc., Bradshaw & Associates, Morin Corporation, Uresco Building Supplies, Rain Proof Roofing, Pioneer Door, Inc., Commercial Contractors, Inc., ACME Painting Company, Mechanical Specialist, Inc., Yukon Fire Protection Services, LLC, Safe-T-Way Electric

Alaska Rock Gym

Alaska Rock Gym, Anchorage 2015

This is a 24,000 square foot structural steel brace frame Rock Gym facility located in mid-town Anchorage.

We were asked to participate as a design assist team member throughout the design-development, cost-development stages and construction phase.  The team consists of 33rd Avenue LLC, 61northarchitects, Enterprise Engineering, Inc., BBFM Engineers, Inc. and HZA Consulting Engineers.

We began site-work in August 2015 with a completion date set for June 2016. The project will include a 50’ tall roped climbing area, bouldering area, yoga studio, fitness room, conference room, beautifully landscaped site, exterior decorative metal panels, elevator, and energy efficient mechanical and electric systems.

Other major contributors to this project include: B.C. Excavating, LLC, Alaska Professional Construction, Finishing Edge, E/P Roofing, Accel Fire Protection, General Mechanical, Knik Plumbing & Heating, Vannoy Electric, Lundahl Steel, Andy Milner Company, Otis Elevator, Ron Webb Paving, Northwest Landscape, JD Steel, and Door Systems of Alaska, Inc..

Northwood Street Maintenance

Northwood Street Maintenance Warm Storage Facility, Anchorage, 1999-2000

We include this project as one example of another type of team we have built many times in the past. One of our many industrial design-build projects, this is a 58,500 sq. ft. single-story pre-engineered steel frame garage for Municipal street maintenance equipment.

The structure consists of concrete slab on grade, concrete grade beams and pile caps, and driven steel pipe pilings. Mechanical systems include gas-fired make-up air, interlocked exhaust fans, gas-fired radiant tube heaters, and a floor trench drain system connected to an oil-water separator. Electrical systems include a 400-amp 480V 3Ph service and metal halide lighting.

The project is located on the site of the old Northwood Street Landfill, closed in 1974. The foundation design includes ADEC review for landfill closure and prevention of leachate infiltration to underlying aquifers, as well as collection, dispersal, alarm and exhaust of landfill gases beneath the building. Our design-build team includes ECI-Hyer as architect and Enterprise Engineering as civil and structural engineers.

Green Industrial Center

Green Industrial Center

Design – build Construction of a 50,000 sf warehouse / office facility. PEMB with insulated panels for the walls and roof. Warehouse to have a 17,000 sf freezer section and 34 dock high doors. Full site development with water, sewer and storm drain. Construction started in fall 2014 and to be completed early 2015.


Anchorage Sand & Gravel Equipment Maintenance Facility, 2001

This was a 15,000 sq. ft. masonry and steel facility for Anchorage Sand and Gravel, to be used for maintenance of heavy equipment and trucks. AS&G was actually the tenant, and the owner was Rock Partners, represented by Fergusson & Associates. The Architect was Cole & Thompson, and the civil engineer was DOWL. This is the same owner / design team as the Carlile Enterprises jobs. Project challenges included a 700 lineal foot, twelve-inch water mainline extension down Klatt Road, a wash bay, and a double-bridge double-hoist crane. All work was completed on time and under budget.

Carlile Transportation

Carlile Office & Cross-Dock Facility, Anchorage – 1998

The team from the Carlile Truck Maintenance Shop, which we built in 1997, re-assembled for this new project. The team consisted of: Owner, Rock Partners; Architect, Cole & Thompson; Civil Engineers, DOWL; Tenant, Carlile Enterprises; Mechanical design-build subcontractor, Superior Plumbing & Heating; Electrical design-build subcontractor, Safe-T-Way Electric Inc./HZA Engineering. The project was a 30,000 square foot masonry and steel office and freight terminal complex on a 12-acre site in the Anchorage Industrial Park. While this project was not specifically design-build (the architect and civil engineer worked for the owner), we all worked together for four months to complete the design development. We obtained a building permit and broke ground in June, 1998. We completed the project in time to give it to Carlile for Christmas, 1998.

Wilder Construction

Wilder Construction Company Heavy Equipment Shop, 2006

We were invited to offer qualifications and were selected to participate in a design-assist contractor role. We were able to address the owner’s concerns about several pricing issues by soliciting competitive design-build cost proposals from mechanical and electrical firms. Once the team was selected we developed construction documents and broke ground in the summer of 2006. We finished the project on schedule and within budget. Key systems included insulated steel panels on a pre-engineered steel frame, rubber membrane roofing over insulated steel panels, 10-ton bridge crane, embedded growser rails and a wash bay.