McKinley Chalets Upper Lodge - 2002-2003. In October 2001, we began to assist Degen & Degen Architects with cost estimating for a planned hotel project at Denali National Park. Ten months later, we signed a contract with ARAMARK Sports & Entertainment Services for a $3.7-million project consisting of a hotel lobby, restaurant, bar, gift shop and commercial kitchen. We worked throughout the winter of 2002-2003. Substantial completion was accomplished in
May 2003.

Denali Park Sales Facility, Food Court, Science and Learning Center and Dining Facility - 2004. We were selected to participate in the value-engineering on this project. After
spending the winter months getting the project within budget, we began construction this spring. The project consists of performing all site work and utilities for the new Visitors Center, the new Science and Learning Center, as well as site work utilities and construction of the Sales Facility, Food Court and Dining Facility. 

McKinley Village - Denali Park Entrance - 2008-2009. Construction of a 38-unit hotel, a waste water treatment plant and a 16,000-SFmulti-function building which included a restaurant, bar, full commercial kitchen and gift shop.