Safety is our number one priority and central to delivering any project with quality. 

Our full-time Safety Program Manager reviews the hazards of each project and prepares a Site Specific Safety Plan to be a companion document to the Criterion Safety Manual.  This document typically includes a job-hazard analysis, fall-protection plan, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) log sheets, safety meeting topics, minutes and sign-in sheets, a fire prevention plan, an emergency action plan and a hazard communications plan. In addition to this documentation, we work in partnership with Alaska Occupational Safety and Health (AKOSH) on a voluntary compliance program on every project.

Criterion invites OSHA to inspect our jobsites to look for deficiencies, and areas where we may improve.  Our rapport with OSHA compliance officers is positive and we always strive to improve worker safety.  All workers, regardless of rank, are instructed that they have the right and the duty to stop any job process if they see a safety hazard.  At Criterion we empower our work force to help search out health and safety hazards. 

The benefits have been exceptional:  a large reduction in injuries, a committed workforce and better morale.